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This independent website, that debuted in January 1995, is the result of the support of countless fellow Rusyns worldwide as well as independent research and the efforts of many friends.

June 14-July 4, 2010

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We all should remember and be proud that this site was among the VERY FIRST ethno-specific sites on the web and it helped to put our Rusyn people in the spotlight of world-wide interest and continues to do so.

The subsequent proliferation of Rusyn oriented websites that have come online since the debut of this site have also served our people well and continue to do so. Amazing things have been accomplished as a result of the hard work by all of us during the early years of developing a Carpatho- Rusyn web presence.

You all know who you are and deserve to be proud!

This site has always been a work in progress and many site enhancements are being worked on daily- this main page re-work and the addition of a full featured FORUM being the first. Be sure to check out and join this new online community

Numerous contributions of articles by readers, many organizations and various Rusyn authors/researchers/ authorities over the years have helped to make this site a valuable respected resource for all Rusyns to use. I hope content contributions and suggestions continue in the future - especially reporting non-functional links.

The long term goal of this site has always been to provide a free electronic "knowledge base" for the benefit of Carpatho-Rusyns world wide as well as to provide a resource for non-Rusyns wishing to learn more about our unique culture. The term "Knowledge Base" was always intended to illustrate that the site is an online "repository" of Rusyn knowledge - sort of like an online encyclopedia - updated on an as needed basis...

As always - Feel free to submit articles and other information for addition.


Greg Gressa

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