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Starina Area Project

Dear Mr. Gressa,
Please find attached texts about project RUSYNS - Lost Homes, which
might be interesting for your community.
We will publish a book about the project during June 2006.

  1. Lucia Nimcova
  2. Ivana Lempelova
  3. Stefan Koco

This is a documentary project about the past and present lives of displaced persons from the region of the water dam in Starina (villages: Starina, Dara, Ruske, Smolnik, Velka Polana, Ostrcznica and Zvala)

You can check the website of the project at http://rusnaci.sittcomm.sk ( Click the Rusnaci logo, then after loading click the red * at the lower right of the screen - gg)
Project Leaders:

  1. Lucia Nimcova
  2. Dana Kapralova
  3. Lucia Dankova
  4. Silvia Hulagova
  5. Ivana Lempelova
  6. Jarek Basos
  7. Jozef Fundak
  8. Stevo Koco
  9. Roman Babjak


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