Root Seekers Guide To The Homeland

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The following list of Carpatho-Rusyn villages is based on the 1910 Hungarian census for the Presov Region and Subcarpathian Rus'; that is, villages located within what is today parts of Slovakia, Ukraine and Romania. The inhabitants of these villages had responded that their "mother tongue" (native language) was Rusyn. Data for the Lemko region, that is, villages located in what is today SE Poland, are based on the 1921 Polish census.

Each entry in this list includes the names of:

The name of the village in the main entry is given according to the official language of the country where it is presently located - that is, Polish for villages in the Lemko Region of Poland; Romanian in Romania; Serbo-Croatian in Croatia and Yugoslavia; Slovak in the Presov Region of Slovakia; Ukrainian in Subcarpathian Rus'.

The main entry is followed by name variants including Pre-1918 Hungarian names for villages south of the Carpathians; old Rusyn names that have later been altered; and the semi-official Ukrainian names for villages in the Presov Region, Romania, and the Lemko Region.

In order for a village to be included in this list - at least 50% of the inhabitants of the villages had to have claimed Rusyn as their mother tongue. In fact, most of the villages in this list had 70% or greater Rusyn-speaking inhabitants according to the 1910 Hungarian and 1921 Polish censuses.

There were during the first decades of the 20th century a total of 1,022 Carpatho-Rusyn villages. Based on present day boundaries, these villages are located:

It should also be pointed out that many Carpatho-Rusyns also lived in small town and cities just beyond the compact Rusyn ethnolinguistic boundaries. In these places Rusyns generally comprised only a small percentage of the inhabitants and for that reason - these villages do not appear on the list.

The following codes after the village name denote which language the various spellings come from.
[H]  = Hungarian spelling
[P]  = Polish Spelling
[Ro] = Romanian Spelling
[Ru] = Rusyn Spelling
[Sc] = Serbo-Croatian Spelling
[Sv] = Slovak Spelling
[U]  = Ukrainian Spelling
The names of the former counties and districts and their equivalents in Rusyn are as follow:

Hungarian       Rusyn

Marmaros        Maramaros
Sarys           Saros
Spis            Szepes
Srem            Szerem
Ugoca           Ugocsa
Uz              Ung
Zemplyn         Zemplen

Polish          Rusyn
------          --------
Gorlice         Gorlycky 
Grybow          Hrybov
Jaslo           Jaslo
Krosno          Krosno
Lisko           Lyysko
Nowy Sacz       Novyj Sanc
Nowy Targ       Novyj Torh

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                                                county or       Present
                                                Galician        administrative          Present
Village                                         district        subdivision             country


Gajdos, see Hajdos
Galambos, see Holubyne
Galfalva, see Kobalevycja
Ganya, see Hanyci
Ganyci. see Hanyci
Gavranyecz, see Havranec
Gazlo, see Velyka Roztoka
Gellert. see Geraltov
Geralt. see Geraltov

Geraltov [Sv] Gellert [H]; Geralt [Ru]          Saros           Presov                  Slovakia
        Heralt [U])

Gereb, see Hrabske
Gereny. see Horjany
Gerla, see Gerlachov
Gerlachiv. see Gerlachov

Gerlachov [Sv] Gerla [H];                       Saros           Bardejov                Slovakia
        Gerlachiv [Ru];Herlachiv [U]

Gernyes, see Kopasneve
Gesztenyes, see Linci
Gladysiv, see Gladyszow

Gladyszow [P] Gladysiv [Ru];                    Gorlice         Nowy Sacz               Poland
        Hladysiv [U]

Godrosolyka, see Kriva Ol'ka

Gombas, see Hrybovci
Gorbeszeg. see Ulicske Krive

Gorna Wies [P] Cystohorb [U]:                   Sanok           Krosno          Poland
  Czystogarb/Czystohorb [P]; Horb [Ru]

Gorogfalu, see Zavadka, Szepes county

Gorond/Goronda. see Horonda

Gozanka [P] Horjanka [U]                        Lesko           Krosno          Poland

Grab [P] Hrab [U]; Hrap [Ru]                    Jaslo           Krosno          Poland

Grabowka [P] Hrabivka [U]                       Brzozow         Krosno          Poland

Gribov [Sv] Hrybiv [Ru. U; Kisgombas [H]        Saros           Svidnik         Slovakia

Gwozdzianka [P] Hvozdjanka [H]                  Rzeszow         Rzeszow         Poland

Gyertyanliget, see Kobylec'ka Poljana
Gyertyanpatak, see Hrabovcik
Gyorgyfolde, see Jurkova Vol'a


                                                county or       Present
                                                Galician        administrative          Present
Village                                         district        subdivision             country


Habkivci, see Habkowce

Habkowce [P] Habkivci [U]; Hapkuvci [Ru]        Lesko           Krosno          Poland

Habur, see Habura

Habura [Sv, U] Habur [Ru] Laborczfo, [H]        Zemplen         Humenne         Slovakia

Hajagos. see Klokocov
Hajasd, see Volosjanka

Hajdos [U] Gajdos [Ru]: Nagygajdos [H]          Ung             Uzhorod         Ukraine

Hajtivka, see Hajtovka
Hajtivky, see Hajtovka
Hajtoka, see Hajtovka

Hajtovka [Sv] Hajtivka [U]                      Saros           Stara L'ubovna  Slovakia
        Hajtivky [Ru]; Hajtoka [H]

Halbiv, see Halbow

Halbow [P] Halbiv [U] now part of

Halihivci/Halihovce, see Hlivistia
Halmos. see Skurativci
Hanajna, see Hnojne
Hancova. see Hanczowa

Hanczowa [P] Hancova [Ru, U]                    Gorlice         Nowy Sacz       Poland

Hanigivci, see Hanigovce

Hanigovce [Sv] Hanigivci [Ru]                   Saros           Presov          Slovakia
         Hanihivci [U]; Honig [H]

Hanihivci, see Hanigovce

Han'kovycja [U] Hankovycja [Ru]                 Bereg           Svaljava        Ukraine
         Kisanna [H]

Hanyci [Ru, U] Ganya [H]; Ganyci [Ru)           Maramaros       Tjaciv          Ukraine

Hapkuvci. see Habkowce
Harapas, see Kusin
Harczos, see Zboj
Hars, see Lypovec'
Harsad, see Litmanova
Harsfalva, see Nelipyne                                                             
Hatarhegy, see Zahorb
Hatarszog, see Verchovyna Bystra
Hatmeg, see Zahattja

Havaj [Ru. Sv, U]                               Zemplen         Svidnik         Slovakia

Havasalja, see Tybava
Havaskoz, see Ljuta
Havasmezo, see Poienile de Sub Munte

Havranec [Sv] Gavranyecz [H]; Havrjanec [Ru]    Saros           Svidnik         Slovakia
        Havrjanec' [U]; Kishollod [H]

Havrjanec', see Havranec
Hegyesbisztra, see Bystra
Hegyescsaba. since 1910 part of Vysne Cabiny
Hegyfark, see Pidhorb
Hegygombas, see Hlivistia
Hegyret, see Hercivci
Hegyveg. see Pritul'any
Hegyzbvod, see Zavada
Helczmanocz, see Helmanovce, 27% Rusyn
Helmanovce, 27% Rusyn
Heralt. see Geraltov

Hercivci [U] Hegyret [H]; Hercovci [Ru]         Bereg           Mukacevo        Ukraine

Herincse, see Horincove
Hercovci, see Hercivci
Herlachiv, see Gerlachov
Hetenja. see Hetonja
Heteny, see Hetonja

Hetonja [U] Hetenja [Ru]                        Ugocsa          Vynohradiv      Ukraine
        Heteny/Tiszaheteny [H]

Hicva, see Hoczew
Hicvici, see Huczwice
Hidegret, see Paskivci
Hil's'ke, see Stanislawow
Hinkivci, see Hunkovce
Hladysiv. see Gladyszow

Hlivistia [Sv] (Halihivci [U]                   Ung             Michalovce      Slovakia
        Halihovce [Ru]; Hegygombas [H]

Hlomca, see Hlomcza

Hlomcza [P] Hlomca [U]                          Sanok           Krosno          Poland

Hlynjanec' [Ru, U] Pasztorlak [H]               Bereg           Mukacevo        Ukraine

Hnojne [Sv] Hanajna [U]                         Ung             Michalovce      Slovakia

Hociv, see Hoczew
Hodermark, see Stotince

Hoczew [P] Hicva/Hociv [Ru. U]                  Lesko           Krosno          Poland

Holjatyn [Ru. U] Tarfalu [H]                    Maramaros       Mizhirja        Ukraine

Holubyne [U] Galambos [H]                       Bereg           Svaljava        Ukraine
        Holubynnoje [Ru]

Holubynnoje, see Holubyne
Homlocz, see Cholmec'
Homonnaolyka. see Ol'ka
Homonnarokito. see Humensky Rokytov
Homonnazbojna, see Nizne Zbojne
Honig, see Hanigovce
Horb, see Gorna Wies

Horbky [Ru, U] Rakospatak [H]                   Ugocsa           Vynohradiv     Ukraine

Horbokcsebinye, since 1910
 part of Vysne Cabiny

Horbokradvany, see Nizna Radvan

Horincove [U] Herincse [H]                      Maramaros       Chust           Ukraine
        Horincovo [Ru]

Horjanka, see Gorzanka

Horjany [U] Gereny [H]                          Ung             Uzhorod         Ukraine

Horlyo. see Chudl'ove
Horodisko, see Hradisko
Horodok, see Grodek
Horodysko, see Hradisko

Horonda [Ru. U]  Gorond [H]                     Bereg           Mukacevo        Ukraine
        Goronda [Ru]

Hosszumezo, see Dovhe. Ung county
Hossuvagas, see Legnava

Hostovice [Sv]  Hostovici [Ru]                  Zemplen         Humenne         Slovakia
        Hostovyci [U]; Vendagi [H]

Hostovici/Hostovyci. see Hostovice
Hrab, see Grab

Hrabiki [Sv]  Hrabyky [U] part of Tylawa
Hrabivcik/Hrabivcyk, see Hrabovcik
Hrabivka, see Grabowka
Hrabova Rostoka, see Hrabova Roztoka

Hrabova Roztoka [Sv]  Hrabova                   Zemplen         Humenne         Slovakia
        Rostoka [Ru]; Hrabova Roztoka [U];
        Kisgereblyes [H]

Hrabovcik [Sv]  Gyertyanpatak [H]               Saros           Svidnik         Slovakia
        Hrabivcik [Ru]; Hrabivcyk [U]

Hrabove [U]  Hrabovo [Ru]                       Bereg           Mukacevo        Ukraine
        Szidorfalva [H]

Hrabovec, see Rusky Hrabovec
Hrabovo, see Hrabove

Hrabske [Sv]  Gereb [H]; Hrabske [Ru, U]        Saros           Bardejov        Slovakia

Hrabyky, see Hrabiki

Hradisko [Sv]  Horodisko [Ru]                   Saros           Presov          Slovakia
        Horodysko [U]; Radosko [H]

Hrap, see Grab

Hreblja [Ru. U] Felsokaraszlo [H]               Ugocsa          Irsava          Ukraine
         Verchnij Koroslov [U]

Hrusove [U] Hrusovo [Ru]; Kortvelyes            Maramaros       Tjaciv          Ukraine
         Szentmihalykortvelyes [H]

Hrusovo, see Hrusove
Hrybiv, see Gribov

Hrybovci {Ru, U] Gombas [H]                     Bereg           Mukacevo        Ukraine

Hucyci, see Huczwice

Huczwice [P] Hicvici [Ru]; Hucyci [U],  
        part of Rabe

Huklyvyj [U] Huklyvyj [Ru]; Zugo [H]            Bereg           Volovec'        Ukraine

Hulskie [P] Hil's'ke [U]                        Lesko           Krosno          Poland
         (ceased to exist after 1945)

Humensky Rokytov [Sv] Homonnarokito [H];
        Humenskyj Rokytiv [Ru]: Humens'kyj
        Rokytiv [U]. 
        since 1970 part of  Rokytov pri Humennom

Humenskyj Rokytiv, see Humensky Rokytov
Hunkocz. Saros county, see Hunkovce
Hunkocz, Ung county, see Chonkovce

Hunkovce [Sv] Felsohunkocz. [H]                 Saros           Svidnik         Slovakia
         Hinkivci [Ru. U]: Hunkocz [H]

Husak [Sv] Ungludas [H]                         Ung             Michalovce      Slovakia

Husnyj [U] Erdoludas [H]; Husnyj [Ru]           Ung             Velykyj Bereznyj Ukraine

Huszt, see Chust
Husztkoz. see Nankove
Husztofalva. see Danylove
Huta Samokleska [P], part of Pielgrzymki
Hutas, see Hutka

Hutka [Ru. Sv, U] [Hutas [H]                    Saros           Bardejov        Slovakia

Huzele [P] Huzeli [U]                           Lesko           Krosno          Poland

Hvordjanka. .see Gwozdzianka
Hyrova/Hyrowa, see Chyrowa


                                                county or       Present
                                                Galician        administrative          Present
Village                                         district        subdivision             country


Ignecz. see Znjaceve

Ihl'any [Sv] Ihljany [U]; Szaztelek [H]         Szepes          Poprad          Slovakia

Ihljany, see Ih'lany

II'kivci [U] Ilko [H] Il'kovci/                 Bereg           Mukacevo        Ukraine
         Jivkovci [Ru]

Ilko, see Il'kivci
Il'kovci. see Il'kivci

Il'nycja [Ru, U] Iloncza [H]                    Bereg           Irsava          Ukraine

Iloncza, see Il'nycja
Ilonokujfalu. see Onok
Ilosva, see Irsava

Imstyceve [U] Imstycovo [Ru]                    Bereg           Irsava          Ukraine
        Miszticze [H]

Imstycovo, see Imstyceve
Inocz, see Inovce

Inovce [Sv] Eralja [H]: Inocz [H]               Zemplen         Michalovce      Slovakia
        Inovec [Ru]; Inovec' [U]

Inovec / Inovec', see Inovce
Irhocz/ Irholcz, see Vil'chivci

Irljava [Ru], U] Sasfalva / Ungsasfalva [H]     Ung             Uzhorod         Ukraine

Irsava [Ru], [U] Ilosva [H]                     Bereg           Irsava          Ukraine

Istvand, see Stefurov
Iszka. see Izky

Ivanivci [U] Ivanovci [Ru]; Ivanyi [H]          Bereg           Mukacevo        Ukraine

Ivanovci, see Ivanivci
Ivanyi. see Ivanivci
Ivaskofalva. see Ivaskovycja

Ivaskovycja [Ru, U] Ivaskofalva [H]             Bereg           Irsava          Ukraine

Iza [Ru. U]                                     Maramaros       Chust           Ukraine

Izbonya, see Zbyny
Izbugyabela, see Zbudska Bela
Izbugyaradvany. see Vysna Radvan
Izbugyarokito, see Zbudsky Rokytov
Izbugyazbojna, see Vysne Zbojne

Izby [P. Ru] Jizby [Ru]                         Grybow          Nowy Sacz       Poland

Izky [Ru, U] Iszka [H]                          Maramaros       Mizhirja        Ukraine

Izvor, see Rodnykivka
Izvorska Huta, see Rodnykova Huta


                                                county or       Present
                                                Galician        administrative          Present
Village                                         district        subdivision             country


Jablinky, see Jablonky

Jablonky [P] Jablinky [U]                       Lesko           Krosno                  Poland
        Jablynky [Ru]

Jablonovo, see Jabluniv

Jabluniv [U] Beregnagyalmas [H]                 Bereg           Mukacevo                Ukraine
        Jablonovo [Ru]; Nagyalmas [H]

Jablynky, see Jablonki
Jakabvolge, see Jakusovce
Jakoresze, see Jakovany
Jakoris, see Jakovany

Jakovany [Sv] Jakoresze [H]                     Saros           Presov                  Slovakia

Jakubany [Sv] Jakubjany [U]                     Szepes          Stara L'ubovna          Slovakia
        Jakubjany [Ru]; Szepesjakabfalva [H]

Jakubjany/Jakubjany, see Jakubany
Jukusivci. see Jakusovce
Jakusocz, see Jakusovce

Jakusovce [Sv] Jakabvolgye [H]                  Zemplen         Svidnik                 Slovakia
        Jakusivci [Ru, U]; Jakusocz [H]

Jalova [Sv] Jalova [Ru, U]; Jarmos [H]          Zemplen         Humenne                 Slovakia

Jalove [Ru, U]                                  Bereg           Volovec'                Ukraine

Jalyn, see Lalin
Jalynky/Jalynky, see Jedlinka

Jarabina [Sv] Berkenyed [H]                     Szepes          Stara L'ubovna          Slovakia
        Jarembina [H]; Orjabina [Ru];
        Orjabyna [U]

Jarembina. see Jarabina
Jarmos, see Jalova

Jarok [Ru, U] Arok [H]                          Ung             Uzhorod                 Ukraine

Jasel'/Jasel'ko, see Jasiel

Jasiel [P] Jasel' [U]; Jasel'ko [Ru, U]         Sanok           Krosno                  Poland
        Jaslo [Ru]

Jasinja, see Jasynja

Jasionka [P] Jasiunka [Ru, U]                   Gorlice         Nowy Sacz               Poland

Jasiunka. see Jasionka

Jaskowa [P] Jaskova [U]; Jaszkowa [P]           Grybow          Nowy Sacz               Poland

Jaslo, see Jasiel

Jastrzebik [P] Astrjabik/Jastrjabik [Ru]        Grybow          Nowy Sacz               Poland
        Astrjabyk / Jastrjabyk [U]

Jasynja [U] Jasinja [Ru]; Korosmezo [H]         Maramaros       Rachiv                  Ukraine

Jaszkowa, see Jaskowa
Javirja, see Jaworze
Javirky/Javirky, see Jaworki
Javirnyk, see Jawornik
Javor. see Jalove
Javorec'. see Jaworzec

Jaworki [P] Javirky [U]; Javirky [Ru]           Nowy Targ       Nowy Sacz               Poland

Jawornik [P] Javirnyk [Ru, U]                   Sanok           Krosno                  Poland
        (ceased to exist after 1947)

Jaworze [P] Javirja [Ru. U]                     Jaslo           Krosno                  Poland

Jaworzec [P] Javorec' [U]                       Lesko           Krosno                  Poland
        (ceased to exist after 1947)

Jedlinka [H, Sv] Borokas [H]                    Saros           Bardejov                Slovakia
        Jalynky [U]: Jalynky [Ru]

Jedrzejowka. see Andrzejowka
Jesztreb, see Sarisske Jastrabie
Jizby, see Izby
Jivkovci, see Il'kivci
Jobbos, see Pravrovce
Josza. see Jovsa

Jovsa [Sv] Josza [H]                            Ung             Michalovce              Slovakia

Jozsefvolgy. see Juskova Vol'a
Juhaszlak. see. Runina
Juhos. see Parihuzovce

Jurkova Vol'a [Ru. Sv. U] Gyorgyfolde           Saros           Svidnik                 Slovakia
         Jurkovolya [H]

Jurkovolya. see Jurkova Vol'a
Jurivci, see Jurowce

Jurowce [P] Jurivci [U]                         Sanok           Krosno                  Poland

Juskova Vol'a [Sv] Jozsefvolgy                  Zemplen         Vranov                  Slovakia

Juskovolya, see Juskova Vol'a


                                                county or       Present
                                                Galician        administrative          Present
Village                                         district        subdivision             country


Kabalas, see Kobylnice
Kajdano. see Kajdanove

Kajdanove [U] Kajdano [H]                       Bereg           Mukacevo                Ukraine
        Kajdanovo [Ru]

Kajdanovo, see Kajdanove
Kajnja, see Ruska. Kajna
Kaleniv, see Kalinov
Kaleno. see Kalinov
Kalinfalva. see Kalyny
Kalinov [Sv] Kaleno [H                          Zemplen         Humenne                 Slovakia
        Kaleniv [Ru]; Kalyniv [U]

Kalnarosztoka, see Kalna Roztoka

Kalna Roztoka [Sv] Kalnarosztoka [H]            Zemplen         Humenne                 Slovakia
        Kalna Roztoka [U]; Kalnyj [Ru]

Kalnica k. Lesko [P]                            Lesko           Krosno                  Poland
        Kal'nycja Lis'ka [U]

Kalnica k. Cisnej [P] Kal'nycja [U]             Lesko           Krosno                  Poland

Kal'nycja. see Kalnica k. Cisnej
Kal'nycja Lis'ka, see Kalnica k. Lesko
Kalnyj, see Kalna Roztoka

Kal'nyk [U] Beregsarret [H]; Kalnyk [Ru]        Bereg           Mukacevo                Ukraine
        Sarret [H]

Kalycava, see Kielczawa
Kalyniv, see Kalinov

Kalyny [U] Alsokalinfalva/                      Maramaros       Tjaciv                  Ukraine
        Kalinfalva [H]; Kalyny [Ru]

Kamenna Poruba [Sv] Koporuba/                   Zemplen         Vranov                  Slovakia
        Kovago [H]

Kamennoj, see Lazy
Kamianna [P] (Kamjana [Ru]                      Grybow          Nowy Sacz               Poland
        Kamjanna [U]

Kamienka [Sv] Kamiunka [Ru]                     Szepes          Stara L'ubovna          Slovakia
        Kamjonka [U]; Kovesfalva [H]

Kamienne, see Lazy

Kamionka [P] Kamjanka [U]                       Sanok           Krosno                  Poland
        (ceased to exist after 1947)

Kamionki [P] Kamjanky [U]                       Lesko           Krosno                  Poland
        Kamnjanky [Ru]
        (ceased to exist after 1947)

Kamiunka. see Kamienka
Kamjana, see Kamianna
Kamjanka, see Kamionka
Kamjanky, see Kamionki
Kamjanna, see Kamianna
Kamjanne, see Lazy

Kamjans'ke [U] Beregkovesd/                     Bereg           Irsava                  Ukraine
        Kovesd [H]; Kyvjazd' [Ru]

Kamjanycja [U] Kamjanycja nad                   Ung             Uzhorod                 Ukraine
        Uhom [Ru]; Okemencze [H]

Kamjonka, see Kamienka
Kamnjanky, see Kamionki

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