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The Carpatho-Rusyn national emblem is a shield divided vertically into 2 fields. The right field is divided into 7 horizontal blue and gold alternating stripes, representing the seven largest rivers of the land; the Tisa, Teresva, Tereb'la, Rika, Borzhava, Latoryca and Uzh.

In the left field on a silver background, which represents the rich salt mines of the area, a red bear is depicted, as king of the snowy Carpathian Mountains.


Since the 11th century, these regions were part of the multi-national Kingdom of Hungary and comprised the districts (counties) of Maramoros, Ugosa, Uzh (Ung), Bereg, Zemplen, Saris, Abuj and Spis. In 1919, after the partition of Austro-Hungary, the Southern slope Rusyns - then numbering 500,000 were incorporated into the newly formed state of Czechoslovakia.

In the new Czechoslovak Republic only 4 of the above listed districts were included in the autonomous province of Podkarpatska Rus' (Carpatho-Ruthenia), namely Bereg, Ugosa, Maramaros and Ung. The other 3 of our remaining districts were annexed to Slovakia - Zemplen, Saris, and Spis. These 3 districts were known as the Presov Region (Prjashevshchina). The district Abuj remained in Hungary.

In October of 1944 Soviet Ukraine occupied Podkarpatska Rus', annexed it and renamed it Zakarpatska Oblast - Transcarpathia.

ABAUJ TORNA The shield is horizontally divided into 2 equal fields. In the upper red field there are two silver stripes. In the lower blue field there is a golden eagle crowned with a golden crown.
BEREG A shield divided into 4 parts by a white cross. In the upper right field, which is blue, bunch of golden grapes with green leaves is placed. In the upper left field, which is red, there are 3 golden acorns with green leaves. In the lower right quadrant, in a red field, a golden bear stands, looking to the left; in the lower right quadrant, which is blue there are 2 golden fish.
MARAMOROS The shield is horizontally divided into thirds. In the upper third, which is silver, there is a small hill, opened at the top, with two figures clad in black mining salt. On the top of the hill a red goat stands. The hill is flanked by 2 pine trees. The lower part of the shield is divided by four wavy stripes.
SARIS The shield is horizontally divided into thirds. In the upper blue field an angel emerges with silver wings and long golden hair, in golden garment with a red cincture crossing its chest. The angel is holding a crown with two hands. In the lower part of the shield, three wavy horizontal silver stripes divide the red background.
SPIS The coat of arms for Spis County is a shield divided into four fields. At the very center of the shield, there is a smaller shield. On this small shield there are 10 archers. In a sliver field there are 3 green hills, at the top of them a red bear, looking to the left, holding three golden ears of wheat and, in the right corner, next to the bear's head, a golden 6 pointed star.

In the upper right red field there is a golden lion (coat of arms of the Turzo family); in the upper left blue field is a silver unicorn with a golden crown under its fore legs (coat of arms of the Korotnoky family); in the lower right blue field there is a golden lily (coat of arms of the Draveczky family); and in the lower left red field, on a green hill stands a golden crown and behind it a sliver mountain goat with golden horns (coat of arms of the Berzeviczy family).

UGOCSA This coat of arms is a shield divided into four parts. At the very center; the coat of arms of the Perenyj family is imposed: a golden lion on a red background. The coat of arms itself is framed by a blue band to which golden acorns are attached. In the upper right white field there is a bunch of golden grapes with gree leaves, while in the upper left blue field, a golden fish is placed. In the blue lower right field a golden acorn with green leaves is situated, and in the white lower left field there is a black lobster.
UNG / UZH The shield is horizontally divided into 2 equal parts. In the upper part which is blue, a young man stands in sliver and golden armor, holding in both hands 3 golden ears of wheat. The lower red field is symmetrically divided by two silver wavy stripes
ZEMPLEN The shiled is horizontally divided, while the lower part is furthur divided vertically into 2 fields. In the upper field, which is golden, two angels are holding a golden crown on a blue pedestal. The angel on the right is clad in red while the angel on the right is clad in blue. Both angels have silver wings. From the crown green leaves and golden grapes grow, while under the crown, between the two angels, to the left 3 golden ears of wheat and to the right 3 golden acorns. In the left lower part of the shield there a 3 golden fish, and on the blue right four silver stripes.


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